Thursday, May 11, 2017

Man claims to have videotaped a "Black Eyed Kid", and it's kinda creepy (video)

The US-based man, who blurs his identity in investigative videos he uploads to the Fantastic Daily YouTube channel, claims to have caught a so-called "Black Eyed Kid" on video in his own home after setting a trap to lure them to his remote property.

Black Eyed Kids have been an urban legend, mainly in the US, since the 1990s.

They are said to resemble pale-skinned children with jet black eyes, that have been accused of carrying out abductions.

Paranormal researchers speculate they are ghosts, evil spirits, or even aliens or vampires.

The investigator says in a promotional blurb for the video: "Over an hour of BEK activity captured on video!

"You’ve heard the stories, I found proof. I’m in touch with other paranormal researchers, and together we’ve been mapping data from black eyed kid encounters.

"For a long time now I’ve believed that they must have a language all their own.
"I was finally able to isolate a low-frequency signal that appeared in the background of tonnes of my evidence.

"I played the frequency every night for a week, eventually succeeding in my efforts to lure a black eyed kid into my camera trap."

In the video uploaded to YouTube, the investigator said he tried to lure black eyed kids to his home by playing a static noise which he claims is said to be present when black eyed kid sightings have happened.

He had a camera running at the same time at night in his property over several nights.

On the fifth night he claims to have captured footage showing a clear being inside his property for an hour.

The head and neck of what resembles a long-haired teenager is visible on camera.

It stands and peers around the room, before turning and vanishing.

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